Repeat after me: you cheat, i cheat, they cheat, we all cheat.

After all, what’s the purpose of technology? Make our lives easier by simplifying and automatizing our daily work. I know, Pokemon Go isn’t work, but what the heck.

What you will need:

  • A git client.
  • A terminal/shell.
  • The python package installer (pip).
  • An internet connection.

So basically if you have any Linux distribution installed, you already have these tools. I will make the explanation for Linux, as it is my primary operative system, but you should be able to understand how to do it in Windows or Mac, as the process is very similar.

First, open a terminal or shell and install git and pip. In Debian/Ubuntu you can do it like this:

sudo apt-get install git python-pip

Then we will be using a Bot written by Mila432 (you can drop a comment in his twitter), which we will be downloading with git. So, in the terminal, go to your folder of preference and put the following command:

git clone

Next, we have to install the python dependencies. Go to the newly downloaded folder (cd Pokemon_Go_API) and put with the following command:

sudo pip2 install -r requirements.txt

Now, its time to run the bot with the following command:

python2 -u [USER] -p [PASSWORD] --location [LOCATION] -t [METHOD]


  • [USER] is your username in Pokemon Trainer Club or your Google email, depending on which method you use to login.
  • [PASSWORD] is yor PTC password or Google password.
  • [LOCATION] is a string containing a real address in which to start searching for pokestops.
  • [METHOD] is the method you use to login (Google or PTC).

What you will see next is the bot teletransporting to the closest pokestops to start farming items and 50XP points.

[!] Using google as login..
[!] Your given location: Sydney, Australia
[+] found: 123 Pokestops near
[+] starting show
[!] +50 (50)
[!] +50 (100)
[!] charging
[!] +50 (150)
[!] teleport..

If you have any problems, leave them below and i’ll try to help you.